At Luxury Finds Consignment we are determined to do our part in helping to change the industry!

Our Message on Sustainability

Luxury Finds Consignments is committed to sustainability by addressing the environmental impact of the fashion industry. With approximately 80 billion new clothing items produced annually, a staggering 75% ends up in landfills, taking centuries to decompose. Moreover, the production of new clothing depletes significant amounts of natural resources, such as the 2,700 liters of water required for a single cotton shirt.

To combat these issues, shopping resale or secondhand becomes a crucial way to minimize the environmental footprint of fashion. By preventing the production of new garments and extending the lifespan of existing ones, the circular fashion industry offers significant environmental benefits. It aims to shift from the linear model of "take, make, use, and dispose" to a circular economy, where resources are used for as long as possible, thereby reducing waste and pollution. In fact, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation reports that transitioning to a circular fashion economy could potentially decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 60-90% and reduce water consumption by 20-30% by 2040.

At Luxury Finds Consignments, we recognize the need for change in the fashion industry, and we take pride in our curated selection of pre-owned luxury items. By shopping or consigning with us, you actively contribute to a greener fashion industry.